Friday, August 20, 2010

270 PCPP

So I bailed out on the Point to Point. I just could not get past mile 35 without a serious bonk. I hate saying this but next year should be better. I am following plan and I will continue to follow the program through the winter. I have been losing weight without dieting and should be able to continue as long as I follow the program.

I am writing this from my phone. So far the Droid X seems to work very well. My only complaint is that I.keep moving ape from page to page when I put it in my pocket. The phone works very well. The camera is not great but the video is excellent. Weird.


KanyonKris said...

How about I join you for a 2-man team? Will they let you do that?

Lucy said...

There's always next year. Don't feel too bad, you're on the right track.

Blackdog said...


Sorry I have completely neglected my blog. When I wrote this I had already given my entry to Ty Hansen at the shop. Not quite given. He covered the entry and transfer costs.

Carey Lowery said...

Would love to do that one, but for me it would probably be just a ride as my body goes on strike once I get above 6500 feet.

Anonymous said...

Awesome - always next year right?
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