Friday, August 20, 2010

270 PCPP

So I bailed out on the Point to Point. I just could not get past mile 35 without a serious bonk. I hate saying this but next year should be better. I am following plan and I will continue to follow the program through the winter. I have been losing weight without dieting and should be able to continue as long as I follow the program.

I am writing this from my phone. So far the Droid X seems to work very well. My only complaint is that I.keep moving ape from page to page when I put it in my pocket. The phone works very well. The camera is not great but the video is excellent. Weird.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

270 I am still alive. Just have not posted.

I have been riding a fair amount. I have 1400 miles in on the mtn bike this year. I have worn out a set of tires, a rear hub, a cassette and a pair or two of shorts. Have not had much to blog about. I think Facebook takes all of my blog mojo. I had a few minutes today and found a very cool video over at


Very cool and looks like there will be some skin in the game. Or loss there of.