Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Riding to work

I started riding to work this week. About 18 miles each way. Man I suffer on the hills. The ride takes me about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The ride home yesterday was hot. 96 degrees is miserable on a fat guy. I ran out of water just past the point of the mountain. My legs pretty much quit and I had to do the walk of shame going up a short steep hill to get back to the bike path in Draper. Man it is embarising enough just wearing spandex at 295 lbs let alone being the fat guy pushing his bike up the sidewalk. That will not happen again. I think I need to make sure I eat something about an hour before I go home and also drink a water bottle at the same time.

I saw Kung Fu Panda last night. My wife said the the Panda reminds her of me. How's that for a complement?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fred Flintstone is just big boned

I have to say I really hate dieting. Man I would kill for a bronto burguer. Work has been particulary difficult. I hang with a bunch of prople who can either eat anything they want or do not care and just eat everything anyway. They are all giving me a load of crap about my eating habits. I probably deserve some of the abuse. I have gone to the fast food diet during the week. Some nutritionist will love this but I eat an Egg McMuffin and a large coffee for breakfast. I have a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch. Dinner is usually soup and a sandwich. Dinner is my big meal around 600 calories sometimes a bit more. Anyhow Egg McMuffin 300 calories, Grilled Chicken 360, Soup 200 calories and sandwich I am guessing is about 400 calories. So I am around 1200 calories for the day. Weekends I am trying to keep the calories under 1500 but there is no specific foods just what ever I can find that seems fairly low calorie.

Cycling has been difficult. Riding and not eating are a great recipee for losing weight and also a great recipee for feeling like dirt. I can ride 30 miles and not feel too bad when I am eating. But now that I am not eating 30 miles feels like 29 miles of hell.

This morning I am at 295 lbs so I only have 75 lbs to go.

By the way that is not me in the Fred costume. I feel like and I wish I were as svelt as that dude but it is not me.