Monday, June 9, 2008

Fred Flintstone is just big boned

I have to say I really hate dieting. Man I would kill for a bronto burguer. Work has been particulary difficult. I hang with a bunch of prople who can either eat anything they want or do not care and just eat everything anyway. They are all giving me a load of crap about my eating habits. I probably deserve some of the abuse. I have gone to the fast food diet during the week. Some nutritionist will love this but I eat an Egg McMuffin and a large coffee for breakfast. I have a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch. Dinner is usually soup and a sandwich. Dinner is my big meal around 600 calories sometimes a bit more. Anyhow Egg McMuffin 300 calories, Grilled Chicken 360, Soup 200 calories and sandwich I am guessing is about 400 calories. So I am around 1200 calories for the day. Weekends I am trying to keep the calories under 1500 but there is no specific foods just what ever I can find that seems fairly low calorie.

Cycling has been difficult. Riding and not eating are a great recipee for losing weight and also a great recipee for feeling like dirt. I can ride 30 miles and not feel too bad when I am eating. But now that I am not eating 30 miles feels like 29 miles of hell.

This morning I am at 295 lbs so I only have 75 lbs to go.

By the way that is not me in the Fred costume. I feel like and I wish I were as svelt as that dude but it is not me.

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