Friday, May 30, 2008

Shrek on a diet

Spent the past couple of days getting ready to move my office to American Fork. I view it as missionary work. I need to convert some of those zoob freaks to the dark side. Football is only three months away and I am already jonseing for a game day fix.

The diet is going fairly well. I have been able to keep from alinating myself too badly and only had one day over 1500 calories. I weighed in at 301 this morning. Only 81 to go. That is depressing. Another day another pound. What more can you ask.

Boo moved up a class this week in the ICUP. I usually do not push much but I told him he needs to move up and race sport/expert 13-15. He rode pretty well but still finished 7th out of 7. Looking at lap times if he had raced beginner he would have been in 3rd place. Not so good for the team but better for him in the long run.

Check out those biceps.

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