Monday, February 15, 2010

275 I got in.

I was hitting refresh every couple of seconds starting at 5 minutes to 9. I was the 19th person to get in today. I cannot figure out how 18 other people got in before me. I am on a fast Internet connection and I was clicking like a mad man. Glad that is over. Glad to have the opportunity to suffer, bonk and probably puke up the tailgate party from Thursday night. I am sure there will be some lingering ill effects of a Thursday night season opening game. I do not think the trailer will make it to that game. Tim and Tiff are always much better at tailgating than me anyway. I just show up bring some food and help clean up. They really deserve all the credit.

One other thought. I guess now I have to get serious about riding my bike. The first ICUP race is in a few weeks and I am as fat as I was at this time last year. I need to get my shit together. I will be on the trainer tonight for 90 minutes. I will tell Bob that I did 9 minutes when he says he lifted the Wasatch mountains on Facebook today.


Blackdog said...

As an aside 74 people have entered in the past 17 minutes since it opened. I think they hit the 300 cap very quickly.

Anonymous said...
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Blackdog said...
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Philip said...

Hehe, you said ICUP "I See You Pee".

Sorry, reminded me of stupid elementary jokes.