Wednesday, November 4, 2009

267 It is official. I have now gained back all 20 lbs

Football season kills me. I have issues, some repressed and some very out in the open. I love this time of year. The tradition, the pageantry, the cool weather, the time spent with friends. Not to mention the food. Glorious food. Ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, chili, bratwurst, burgers 7 layer dip, cheese, crackers, pretzels and beer. Well all that great food has come back and bit me on my ever changing ass. I lost 22 lbs in about 30 days. I nearly lost my mind and then I went to Vegas and the eating started. Competitive eating. Not just I over indulging a little we are talking Fat Bastard chewing on a turkey leg in bed eating. I have gained back 20 lbs in under a month. This has to be a record. My name should be on a plack. Anyhow I know any chances of dieting are shot until the Monday after the byu Utah game. There are 4 games left. Two home games with tailgate parties and two parities where we will watch the game. Then there is Thanksgiving. And at Thanksgiving we have pie. Pumpkin pie and banana creme pie.

So here is the deal. I need something grand, something huge to stay motivated, to keep me on track and more than anything to keep me on the bike. So here goes. I am going to try to get into Leadville next year. If Leadville falls through then I will go and do the Butte 100. I will also probably try to do the PC Point 2 point. So I am sure someone just spit coffee all over the computer. How the hell is this fat bastard going to drag his sorry ass 100 miles on a mtn bike? Good question. As I see it I need to lose 60 or more lbs between now and August. I am not exactly sure how the hell I am going to do this but you can bet I will spend some time with a dietitian and this time one that understands riding a bike while dieting. I will also probably find a cycling coach. Again one that has worked with fat mo fo's and can keep me from burning out.

So that is the plan. By the way if you think I have issues check out this dude. I think he drank the whole thing. Whatever that was. Kids let this be a lesson. Mullets and alcohol do not mix.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

FWIW, you're the skinny guy in the picture. The best thing I ever learned is portion control. Had to with all the good stuff my wife makes. I eat all of it, just not very much.

Good luck getting into Leadville. It's going to be a circus this year.

Blackdog said...

Butte is probably the one. But I want to see the circus once.

Jube said...

Doug, you are an animal. I applaud your goal setting and wish I could do the same. This Butte race is sounding fun, that is, for Drew, not for me. Drew said he might be interested if he can eat pie with you afterward.

Blackdog said...

Lots and lots of Pie. Susan's company has an office there and I think they have a place for us to stay. Butte is probably the deal. Let me know. I rode for 3 hours yesterday and today I can barely type.