Thursday, October 22, 2009

260 Hash House a Go Go.

If you get to Vegas you need to go to the Hash House A GO GO. The place is incredible. The food was very good and huge. And in that order. As you can see from this photo Susan is not quite sure what to do with the Pork Tender Loin Benedict. Susan took one look at my Corned beef hash and asked to trade. I barely finished half of the Benedict.
Aah the Corned Beef Hash. It was a thing of beauty. Susan did not even come close to putting a dent in this delight.
Oh and of course a bloody. Lets just say that someone needed a little pick me up after a late night of people watching on the strip.
It was so good we went back Sunday morning and had round two. I nearly finished the Sausage Hash.


lifein360 said...

Ummm, how does this fit into your healthy eating plan of air and water?

Blackdog said...

Not very well. I managed to gain about 13lbs back in 2 weeks. This is the hardest time of year for me. I love football games and all the food that goes along with them. Basically I am screwed. I will start another "Air and water" diet after the BYU Utah game. Just in time for Christmas but for me that is usually not a big deal. Plus this year my parents will be out of town which will reduce the mass consumption considerably.