Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finishing the basement

I have been working on my basement since about July last year. I have paid to have some of it done and done some of it myself. Sometimes I am too handy
for my own good. My wife knows that I have the ability to lay tile so I have been tiling for about 2 months. Basically just on weekends. Somehow I was talked into laying about 900 square feet of tile. The first couple of weeks were miserable. The bathroom was really
difficult. I had to make a million cuts. Then I worked my way out into the hallway. Again a million cuts. Finally I am in the big room. I still have quite a few cuts but I lay 10 pieces to each cut so it is going much faster. Hopefully I will be done in a couple of weeks.

The diet is still in the maintenance mode for about 3 more weeks. Then I will hit it hard again. The exercise room is up and running but I have been too busy to use it. Monday will be 30 min on the trainer then Tuesday 45, Wednesday 1 hour, Thursday rest and then start over.

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