Saturday, February 21, 2009


I went for a ride today. Took out the single speed. I am not sure if a 40 something fat guy should be riding a SS but hey it is simple. I think I am faster going up hill on the SS. It makes you stand up and grind it out rather than noodling up the hill in your granny gear. I will have to test this somewhere or post a comparison from Motion Based. As you can see my heart rate hit the 160's a couple of times. I figure my max heart rate is around 178. I could have gone harder but the hills were short. Thank God.

I have decided to list my weight on the blog. Little shaming is good for you? I got the idea from . I guess he lives somewhere near me. Fatty is not really much of a fatty any more. The guy is probably more than 100 lbs lighter than me. Right now I want to give the excuse that I am taller but lets be real. 6 feet 3 inches is not all that tall and realistically I will still be fat after losing 40 more lbs. I need to get down to around 210. This seems to be a moving target. I had thought 220 would be good but the more I think about it even 220 is too heavy.

I am starting my diet again on Tuesday. I hope to drop 40 lbs in the next two months. I started at 310 back on Dec 5th. So I am down 24 since I started. Too bad I pigged out and gained back 13 lbs in the last 40 days. I have to stop the yo yo. I only wish I still weighed 273. I will be there again soon.

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