Thursday, February 26, 2009

283 and holding

The diet starts in earnest tomorrow. The first three days are a gorge. Eat everything you want. Tonight I am going to hit Crown Burger. It will be the last decent meal I will eat for 40 days. I am not sure why they want me to pig out for 3 days but it worked last time. Tomorrow's diet. Four ounces of chicken an apple and some green beans for lunch. Dinner will be similar. Four ounces of fish, broccoli and an Orange. The first two days were really tough last time. I know what to expect so toughing it out should not be too bad.

The dietitian tells me to be very careful with riding. I fear that bonking will be all too easy if I ride more than an hour so the rides will be short. I will post some photos of the basement after this weekend. The tile is getting much closer. Only about 200 sq feet left. 200 of 900 is not too bad when I put it in context.

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