Saturday, June 6, 2009

263 Ride today and some photo's

I did the tour of Corner Canyon today. I rode up bst to corner canyon road then down the new multi purpose trail which is fairly rough and loose. Then up Clark's down Ghost over to Bst again and down Lizard road. Man there were lizards everywhere. I was trying to keep my HR below 140 and I was fairly successful except going up Clark's and up the Wall. This was the first time I have ever cleaned the wall. I usually spin out or something. This time I went immediately to the Granny gear and was able to spin on up. Today was Draper Trails Day so there were some runners on the trails. They were pretty well done by the time I headed up but I did see a few runners and some family's out hiking the trails. One group was walking through the poison ivy over by Ghost Falls. I bet they are hating life about now. It ended up being a fairly big day of climbing with over 4000 feet. I wanted to go to Park City but Erich is still hacking his lungs out. He stayed with me until we went down the new trail then he and Susan went home. I am not sure he should have gone with us He has a fever now and I hope this does not set him back even more. He has lost 10 or so lbs and is really thin.
It is hard to see from my camera on the cell phone but the new trail has tons of roots sticking up all over and is loose on the edges. It needs lots of people to ride it slowly to buff it out and get it into better shape.

Mr. Skinny telling me he is going home.

This week was Alyssa's birthday. She wanted a new bike and the shop had an 08 model. She was thrilled especially when I tattooed it with several hibiscus stickers.

The infamous valve. Somehow it blew up. I probably did not let the glue set up enough before I turned it on and one of the joints failed. Major bummer. I have no idea how long it was running but I did not have to dig it up. The water did that for me. It was a quick fix. It better hold this time.

This is from 2 weeks ago. Erich and I went on a road ride and at about the 2 hour mark he bonked. He needs to find something he can eat on the bike. That and he needs to get in some miles. Lacrosse hurt his endurance and he needs to build it back.

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