Monday, July 6, 2009

264 The Dragon Fly did it.

My wifey went boom.

Last night we all went for a ride. Erich and I went up Bonneville to Corner Canyon Road then down Ghost Falls and up Clark's then down the new trail. I think it is called Canyon View or Brock's point. Anyhow Susan thought we were nuts because it was so hot. She rode up Clark's and down Ghost Falls. At the end of Ghost falls on the main road just before the single track a dragon fly flew into her face/helmet, she lost concentration and went down. This is the worst of it but she also has some abrasions on her hip and her elbow. Can you say Ouch?
It is classic road rash. Nasty burn. Not much bleeding but it is oozing and is just a painful mess. I feel bad for her. Last night she did not get much sleep.

I am always amazed by how big of a mess road rash makes. Susan wore Capri's to work today and the ooze soaked through the knee of the pants.

After seeing this I am going to go hairless. Yes I am going to shave the tree trunks. The only good thing about Susan's abrasion was that she did not have to clean hair out of the road rash. I have seen hairy guys go down on the road and seen the infections and the pain that comes with having your skin peeled off. So next time you see me it will be sans hair. Even if I am not the hairiest dog in the pack. I do not want to deal with the hair when I eventually go down
That or I am just looking for an excuse to shave my legs again.

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UtRider said...

Yeah! Shaved legs are the way to go. Even if you're not cleaning up road rash it makes wiping off dirt and other grime much, much easier. For somebody who commutes and/or gets out at lunch that's a nice feature.