Wednesday, July 15, 2009

264. Weight

So my weight has been floating between 260 and 272 in the last week. I am not sure what is going on. I have been trying not to eat out so much which I think is helping plus I had been riding quite a bit as well. The problem was last week on Friday going up Corner canyon I had nothing. I could not get my HR above 140 and was in major misery. Granted at 6 am I have never felt good going up Corner Canyon. For some reason this keeps happening. About every two weeks I seem to go through this thing where I have to back it off and take 2 days off the bike. I am not riding all that much compared to most of the guys on the team but I seem to flirt with some form of burnout regularly. So far this year I have about 900 miles and about 90 something hours on the bike. By Bob standards this is nothing and I think he hit these numbers in February. For me it is quite a bit given that I have less than 10 road rides this year. I know I am getting faster, even though I am slow overall. It is just weird. I feel OK and kind of crummy all at the same time.

Sunday we pre rode Solitude. The course is fun. I had never ridden the upper loop. The loose double track should be interesting. I think I scared a few hikers. One nearly to death once I started going down hill. Again moving fairly slow but I think the sight of 260 something lbs of cyclist coming around a corner kind of freaks people out.

Not sure what to do about the weight. I have held it in this range since April. It has to go down. I thought the weight was on the way down Sunday when I stepped on the scale and saw 260. Then on Tuesday morning it was 267. Today 264. I put in a hard effort on Sunday and I wonder if my body just swells up after big efforts? I have no idea. I took off Monday. Yesterday I was going to ride at 6am but Erich did not want to go and that was enough of an excuse for me. Tonight I will race the Solitude Mid Week and will not DNF even if I have to drag the bike for 2 laps.


KC said...

I have been on your road and it is tough. If you go to my June or July 2008 before and after you can see how heavy I used to be. It can be discouraging when the weight does not come off, but don't give up and it will eventually go down. And don't worry about what other members on the team are riding you fitness is still getting there. They have been riding for a long, long time (years) and that is why they can ride the miles and hours they do. Recovery is good and will help you get to your goals. If you want to know what I did to lose weight I will be happy to share. Keep up the good work!


Jennie said...

I haven't reached 900 miles yet this year. It's great that you're putting so much effort into this. Great job!

Blackdog said...

I am fairly good at losing weight. so far down 50lbs. My problem is how to do it and still ride the bike. I seem to bonk or feel like I am starving. I may just wait until September when things slow down and hit the diet hard again. Kendra I will definitely ask. I will look for you or shoot you an e-mail.