Monday, August 31, 2009

264 Trail Work on Saturday

Saturday morning we went and did a bit of work on Jamie's new trail. The trail is cut in from the top of Clark's down to the old Corner Canyon road. Total it is probably about three quarters of a mile. I rode it last night and it is going to be fun. Right now it is loose and bumpy but a bit more riding and maybe a bit of rain and it is going to be very fun. The trail winds around almost like a bmx track. Lots of berms and rollers and switch backs. This thing is going to be cool.

Last night I ran out of daylight and had to use the head lamp to get down. I had a good time and rode the new connector trail from Clark's to Brock's point and then down Ghost Falls and home. The ride took longer than I had planned but I was really in no hurry.


Jube said...

Jeez, that thing looks like a super highway. Hope it grows in some.

Blackdog said...

I think we can count on that.