Thursday, August 27, 2009

265 The Truffle Shuffle

I have not spent much time on the bike in the past couple of weeks. I have been in a funk that I just could not seem to shake. I think my Corner Canyon rut has been killing me. Too many days of one hour straight up and 20 minutes down to the house. My leg has been bothering me and I just decided to take a break. I am sure the sore knee and hip have nothing to do with my ability to do the Truffle Shuffle. Cross season is almost upon us and while you will probably never see me line up I am sure I will be there to cheer/haze the riders as they pass. I found this video from DFL (something I am very familiar with). Cross dressing Cross racers. These dudes are sick puppies which is probably why I wish I could race cross. My leg would never handle slipping in the muck and I cannot run so no Cross for me. Check out the video. It looks like fun as long as you keep your distance from a couple of these dudes.

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