Sunday, September 20, 2009

257. Bonk

Yesterday I spent several hours working on Jamie's new trail. Have I have mentioned before that it is cool? Well it is. The trail will be a lot of fun. A down hill XC trail. Down hill may be a bit misleading. The trail does drop significantly but it moves up and down and across Corner Canyon. Think of a trail like Johns in Park City but without all the annoying roots. That is the idea of the trail.

So yesterday Erich and I showed up and put in 4 hours working on the trail. The machine had been through and carved out path and we were filling in holes, digging out roots, putting in drains and raking out the trail. About 3 hours in I bonked. I know my diet is ridiculous and the minimal amount of calories (600) is probably just stupid but I did not expect to bonk. At about 11:00 I grabbed an apple out of my camel back and tried stop the bonk but it did not work. I walked off and found Erich and told him we had to go. I was in a world of hurt. Thought I was going to puke and was suffering as bad or worse than any bonk I have had on the bike. I hate that feeling you get just before you puke and I had it walking back up the 1.5 miles of trail to the top of Clark's.

Luckily I did not embarrass myself by tossing my cookies all over the new trail. I will save that for next year when it is finished. Erich an I headed home and I went to bed. I had Susan make me a bottle of Carbo Rocket. Which I was barely able to drink. This stuff has to be the easiest thing on your stomach that you can drink and I was having trouble. About an hour or so later I was good to go. Then I watched the Utah game and I wanted to puke all over again.

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KC said...

What an awful feeling--both the bonk and the game.