Thursday, September 10, 2009

265 BYU? Are you kidding me?

So BYU is 1-0 on the season and already I have to suffer through the discussions of a National championship run. Can you say delusional? Some days I hate my office. Unbelievable. The arrogance is incredible. It is almost as if the Y's fans believe that teams will just roll over. "Ooh we are playing BYU we should just give them the ball and walk off the field". I predict you will see this "Quest for Perfection" spiral down the toilet much like last season. I would really like to see Tulane beat them but that is unlikely. Florida State, TCU and Utah will be tough games even if they are played in Provo(gawd I already know too much about their season). I predict that BYU loses 2 or even 3 of these games. Hopefully Florida State will take care of business and the arrogant horde will crawl back into their holes.

The NC talk would not be so bad if I were not completely out numbered. It is about 10 to 1 and feels like about 100 to 1.

Here is a hint. Maybe win a few more games.. Like maybe 10 before you start talking National Championship. Then you will not seem like you have been sniffing glue?
While I am at it I predict Utah finishes the season 9 and 3 and wins their bowl game.
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Ski Bike Junkie said...

Time for BYU fans to put down the crack pipe. Utah should have been nat'l champions last year and weren't. BYU can be "perfect" (if you call beating a team without it's heisman-winning quarterback by 1 point "perfect"), and it won't matter, because the powers that be refuse to acknowledge that the MWC is every bit as good or better than the Big Ten, Big East, ACC or nearly any other BCS conference.

Full disclosure: I have degrees from BYU and Michigan and also attended Utah. I like to think that makes me pretty objective unless we're talking about Ohio State.

Blackdog said...

Agreed. I would cheer for Big Blue over Ohio State every time. MWC will never play for the NC unless every team in the top 10 has 2 losses. And even then it is doubtful.

Jube said...

I think Tulane must have listened to you when you suggested they just give Y the ball and walk off the field.

Blackdog said...

Rough performance by Tulane. I hate to say it but the Y does look good. Utah is still winning but it was ugly. Utah will need to improve every week or it could get ugly.