Thursday, September 17, 2009

260 Basement is getting closer

I am down a bunch of weight in less than a week. I think all the cycling I have done has boosted my metabolism. The diet will fix that. The last time I did this I lost 20 or so lbs. The first time I lost 35. There was some gain back in there but to date I am down more than 50lbs from my high. I need to find a photo of me from my days at the U of Arizona. I think I have a picture of me finishing the Tour De Tucson in about 1987 where I weigh all of about 160lbs. That is still the guy I see in my head. My goal is to get down to 200 lbs by about the end of February. This may be too optimistic. I want to ride in March and dieting and riding do not go together very well.

We are getting closer to finishing the basement. We bought a new couch, pool table and TV. I really like movies and I am going to finish this out as a home theater. We need to buy some window coverings and some sound equipment for the TV but otherwise it is just touch up work and it is done. I plan on putting in a bar with a sink and fridge as well but funds are running a bit low so for now we will have to walk up stairs to get drinks and snacks. With a little luck this should keep the kids at our house. I just like the idea of knowing what is going on and having them here makes Susan and I feel better.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

9 pounds in less than a week--nice work. I'm almost down to what I weighed last Friday, the day before riding 206 miles and burning close to 10,000 calories and coming nowhere close to replacing all of them. I'm telling myself it's all water weight, but I definitely replaced a lot of them on Sunday.

Congrats on winning the wheelset. Sweet sweetness!

Blackdog said...

I am probably a bit looney at this point from the lack of food. Every time I do a big ride I gain a bunch of water weight too. After a century I am always heavier the next day which is just cruel.

I am undecided on the wheel set. Do I keep them or sell them? I have a set of Mavic wheels on my road bike. The Mavic's are probably heavier but likely a stronger wheel. That and I have had this road bike for 5 years and it is time for a new one.

Jube said...

Hang in there, Doug! Basement looks great and someday you will be able to eat your bowl of ice cream with ginger snaps while watching the big TV. After we go for a ride that is.