Thursday, May 7, 2009

262 HRM is fixed.

Looks like the HRM is fixed. Now the user error at the start of Clark's is another issue. I hit the stop button and missed the lap button. You can see this at about 3 miles.
I tagged along with the Revolution shop group last night. Fun ride but I am beat. Rode up Clark's then up Jacobs Ladder a mile or so and then down Ghost Falls. Fun ride. I had never been down Ghost falls. That will become a regular part of my ride. I am not so sure about riding up Jacobs Ladder though. Too many tight switch backs. My heart rate has dropped quite a bit. This may have something to do with my recent hours riding. My schedule looks something like Monday rest day, Tuesday 1 hour ride, Wednesday 1.5 hours, Thursday 1 hour, Friday Rest day, Saturday 1.5 hours and Sunday 2 hours. All of this with a couple of intervals and a sprint or two thrown in for good measure. So far I feel like I am getting in better shape but I am still slow. Hopefully I can take off a few lbs and I will gain some speed. At least that is the plan. Right now I am trying to decide if I just ride and eat right or if I go back on the diet. I know if I diet I can drop 20 lbs in about a month. The problem with the hard core diet is that riding is very difficult. I guess this is something I have to think about. Right now I am leaning toward not dieting.

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