Saturday, May 16, 2009

264 Ghost Falls.

I skipped the race today. Not that I really belong there anyhow. Mostly I am afraid of slowing down the other racers and that is not fair to them. I am getting faster but I am just plain slow. I am a bit bummed about the changes to the Draper race next week.I had planned on racing but I think I will skip the race. I love the course, however there is almost nowhere to pass and I am not going to hold everyone up. The Solitude/Round Valley series starts in a bit more than a week and I am going to sign up for the entire series. Erich will miss the first race and another one in June when we all go to the Schlitterbaun water park in Texas. Other than those two events we will be at all the races.
Today I rode up BST north down Ghost Falls then up Clark's and down Corner Canyon Road. Fun ride. I would have gone down Ghost Falls again but I ran out of day light. Pretty good day of climbing. My legs are Toast.


StupidBike said...

you should do the race.

Blackdog said...
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Blackdog said...

I knew you would say that. I will ride it again this week and decide.