Sunday, May 31, 2009

262 Lost in Park City

I have no idea how but I managed to get lost about 4 times today. I rode for 3 hours and saw everything from the highway 40 to I15 to Downtown Park City. I started out trying to preride the Round Valley race course. I ended up following someone and they led me to some single track so I went ahead and rode from Round Valley to Park City's Main street. I think I was on the Prospector trail. After riding back I decided to look for the Round Valley Race course which from what I can tell is not marked. I rode all over that place. At the end I took a right turn when I should have turned left. I ended up by exit 2 on Highway 40. Thinking there would be a road that would allow me to connect back I headed again the wrong way before finally figuring out that I would have to double back go on the other side of 40 and ride back up. Oh and I almost got hit by some bozo who made a right hand turn in front of me going into the Home Depot parking lot. It was their fault but I had my head down and was just pedaling when they turned in front of me so I should have been paying attention. I just missed the back side of the pickup. I would have been madder and probably done something stupid but I was too tired. Probably a good thing.


Lucy said...

The crazy maze of trails in Round Valley can be confusing. I was also wandering around there today on my bike. Then Drew and I went over on Lost Prospector. Funny we didn't see you. Wednesday.

Blackdog said...

I saw you for a second. As I was getting Dressed I saw you go by the information board. I was probably 10 minutes behind you when I took off. I had fun I was just tired. Are you going to do the Wednesday series?