Friday, May 22, 2009

262 lbs and holding

I really wanted to be in the 240's by now. It is time to focus on my diet again. I need to figure out how to drop another 20 lbs and still be able to ride. My thoughts are that I will have to start writing down everything I eat and keeping my calories at or under 2000 per day. That probably seems like quite a bit of food but for a guy who is 6 3 and weighs 262 lbs it is a deficit of about 1000 to 1500 calories per day. Depending on my activity level.

Last night I rode the Draper Race course with Mark. Since Mark owns the Clark's Time Trial page I donated my slowness to his blog. 23:10 which is the slowest time ever recorded. This will give me some good motivation to knock the time into the acceptable sub 20 minute area in the next month. The weight really kills me going up hill. No surprise there. I held my heart rate between165 and 170 the whole way up.

Erich did Clark's and I am not completely convinced but he said he had a time of 13:23. I think he really was about 14 min plus because he and I are showing about a one tenth difference in mileage. Either way it was much faster for him and not bad for a 14 year old kid. He still swears the fastest he has ever done Clark's was chasing my dog Mookie up the trail. Maybe we will have to have a challenge. Who can beat Mookie? My money is on the dog. He is nuts. 70lbs of muscle, heart and not much in the brains department. I still do not think he feels any pain. He has to be the world's most simple creature. Plus if he felt like he were going to lose I bet he would just jump in your lap, knock you over, lick your face and run up the trail. And then wonder why you would have the audacity to yell at him.


KC said...

I lost a lot of weight last year--over 45 pounds. I did weight watchers online. It helped me keep track of my food intake and made it easy for me to know how much I ate. I did not have to go to meetings or anything, and I learned a lot. I have gained 10 back, but I knew it was happening. But between the biking and the weight watchers I am losing it again. One positive to losing weight is you are going to start fly up the hill as the pounds come off, it is amazing.


Blackdog said...

That is great. I may have to try the weight watchers method. Previouosly I have seen a dietitian and I can drop large amounts of weight very fast but she had me on such a low calorie diet that I could not ride with out bonking. It will happen I just am not very patient sometimes.