Monday, May 11, 2009

262 Kids

So this is where Susan is today. Seems nice. She said she wishes I was there. I think she is enjoying the time away. Susan is at a conference in Orlando and because she has a bunch of points she gets to stay at the spa and have treatments meals whatever. I on the other hand am at home with the kids. I also have a fairly nice list of Honey do's. Starting with installing a back flow valve on the sprinklers. Draper is requiring a valve which was $175 plus parts. So far I am up to about $250 for this valve plus I get to pay $50 per year to have it tested. I am so excited. Yesterday I spent half the day fighting with the thing and broke a pipe. The pipe that I broke as luck would have it is giving me trouble and leaking. So tonight I get to see if I can do some more damage and break the thing further.

After several hours I gave up and made Dinner(Chicken covered in cheese on top of pasta). As I was making dinner Erich gives me this line. I bet I can eat my dinner and still beat you to the top of Clark's. Game on. I am slow and Fat but you know what I would have killed myself to beat him. So he says you ride BST and Corner Canyon road up to the top of Clark's. He will ride straight up Clark's when he finishes his dinner and says he can still beat me. Oh ya and he will ride the single speed. Kid is getting cocky. I left immediately. So anyhow I turned myself inside out. I went up BST fast (for me) and then hit Corner Canyon road and really turned the screws to it. I did not puke but only because I skipped dinner. So I pushed through the top of the road and kept waiting to see him but I never did. When I started going down Clark's I made it past the fence at the top and down a couple of turns and there he was. He said he puked a couple of turns earlier.

Made me feel much better about my wife hanging out at the spa. I would not have missed this for all the pampering in the world. Ralph... I mean Erich is a bit more humble but not much.