Monday, March 23, 2009

258 MS150 route

Looks like they have posted the route. I think it is the same as last year. Though I am not sure because I started late and finished late. I just followed the notes on the road and well rode. Saturday I will ride the 100 mile route. Sunday we will probably ride the 75 mile route. There is also a 40 mile route that may become more appealing. You never know how you will feel the day after riding a century. I have done several and each one I usually bonk at about 80 miles no matter what I eat or how I hydrate. This year I am determined to ride it fast. If I can ride it in under 6 hours I should be able to avoid the bonk. Or at least that is my thought 3 months ahead of the ride. My company does the ride and my wife and son want to do the ride as well. Susan will probably ride 40 miles on both days. Then again she is stubborn and may decide to ride the whole thing. It will depend on the number of miles she can get in by mid June. Hopefully I can ride with the Revolution guys. I will probably have to ride with my company on Saturday but Sunday I should be able to don the blue flame jersey and ride with the team.

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