Friday, March 27, 2009

257 Still losing weight?

So I guess it is good that I am still losing weight. It has really slowed down though. I went from losing 1.5 lbs a day down to losing about 1/2 pound per day. At 257lbs I figure I am somewhere between "Big Daddy" and "Roseanne". When I started all this I was King Kong carrying Oliver Twist so it has gotten better. Last Friday I weighed in at 261 so I guess that losing 4lbs is not too bad but I really had expected more. I have no intention of quitting and I will follow the diet through to the end. My last day in this 40 day period will be on April 7th. Anyone interested should be able to find me at Sweet Home Chicago Pizza or maybe Lone Star. Either way you will see a sight to behold and I would not recommend getting in the way of a Fat Man who has starved himself for 40 days. Things could get ugly. I have been craving pizza and burritos and not necessarily separately. Somehow a Lone Star Chili Verde and a Kitchen Sink Pizza sounds really good. Maybe a nice large picture of something light like an Oatmeal Stout to wash it down. I am so screwed. Honestly I will probably eat a something I should not but I am hopeful that I will not have the problems I am suffering through on the bike once I get some food back in my system. Last time I put in an hour I came home and felt awful. I immediately had to lay down and then I slept for 2 hours. When I woke up I still felt like road kill.
OK Whine over. I am done.. Time to shut up and tough it out.

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Lucy said...

Mmmm, a light, refreshing chocolate stout with be well deserved.