Sunday, March 22, 2009

259 Plateau?

So Saturday morning I weighed myself and I still weighed 261. This is 3 or so days with no weight loss. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. So I sent a text message to my dietitian. Sheri sends me back instructions to eat nothing but 6 apples. Have you ever tried to eat only apples for a day? If so you know the hell it is to get past the 4th apple. I never made it.

The other issue I was having was ..well being"regular". She had a solution for that too. "Smooth Move Tea. I drank the tea as prescribed at 9 pm and you are supposed to wait for 8 to 12 hours. Well this stuff should not be called "Smooth Move". I can think of several better names. Morning Sprint, Morning Thunder or Super Cramp would all be better names. I hope to never go through that again.

The good part is that I woke up Sunday morning weighing 2 lbs less than Saturday and somehow I would bet tomorrow I will have lost weight as well.

Saturday Susan and I went for a ride up corner canyon. It was very windy. I have never thought of the wind much when I ride a mtn bike but I did on Saturday. It was blowing hard in our face most of the ride. Corner Canyon funnels the wind and you can really feel it. It was nice to get out anyway. My heart again hit 180 so I have adjusted my max heart rate up to 185.

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