Thursday, March 12, 2009

266 I may be losing it.

I think I must have some form of deep seeded self loathing. I am torturing myself with Food shows on TV. I am sure some shrink would have all sorts of brilliant observations about this. Last night I watched a bizarre show called Man V. Food. The show is about Adam Richman and how he travels across the country eating food challenges that restaurants have for their patrons. Last night Adam almost consumed a 7 pound breakfast burrito. It was amazing and it looked so good. I was sitting there almost yelling "I could eat that. You big pansy quit sweating and eat". I was so hungry I think I could have actually chewed on the TV. Today things are going much better. You have to love dieting. The suffering is Divine.

Tonight Erich's team played Northridge. They won 5 nothing. On Tuesday they played Orem and won 6-2. They may be better than I had thought. They still need to focus on passing and catching. I wish I better understood the game. Maybe one day.


UtRider said...

I've watched that show a few times and enjoyed it. One episode he ate a serving of the (supposedly) hottest chicken wings in the world. The poor guy was sweating like crazy, beet red and said he felt like passing out. He has mad eating skills.

I need to check out CC this week. It won't be long before the 2009 Clark's TT is up and running. You need to give it a shot this year.

Blackdog said...

Count us in. Erich wants to do it on the Single speed. I think we will both do one SS and one geared. Should be fun. The SS kicks my butt. I know I am faster on it though.