Monday, March 9, 2009

269 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

On the way to Vegas we stopped and rode the Desert Rampage course. It was good to see Drew and the gang. I have not ridden an xc course in quite a while and I had forgotten how tough some of the climbs can be. I only wanted to ride for about an hour so we thought the course would be perfect. Anyhow riding on 500 calories a day is probably not a great idea. I had no energy at all. Susan wanted to stop a couple of times and I could not have been happier. Anyhow we rode the course in a little more than an hour. I think it would be a course I would enjoy racing some day in the future. I may see where I am at and think about either racing the Clydesdale or the 40+ beginner class for the Cholla. It will all depend on my ability to ride and not eat for a while. When I finished I was on the verge of bonking. Even that night and into the morning I was feeling the effects of the ride.
We made it to the Lacrosse tournament. Boo is on the JV team. He is a bit small for contact sports. He looks ok in the pads but he is over 6 feet tall and only weighs 130 lbs. Their team lost all the games but played better in each game. All the kids on his team came from different teams and different schools so it is not a surprise. They will win games this year. The tournament was really just to get them to work together. The one thing that they did not have any problems with was hitting. They clobbered the other teams. Too bad they have not figured out how to score points.
It is just wrong to go to Vegas and not eat. There are plenty of good resteraunts and I packed all my food. Sure made for a cheap trip. The only money I spent was at Trader Joe's. I picked up 12 bottles of wine. I am more of a beer guy but a nice bottle of Red is always nice. Hopefully after I have lost the weight I can enjoy a bottle with Susan. Then again this is probably why I am fat.


Lucy said...

What will power!! I'm proud of you for packing your own food to LAS and not caving and going to the big buffet.

Blackdog said...

I am starving tonight. Someone needs to lock up the cookies.