Sunday, April 19, 2009

259 Bad Snake Day

I have run into two of these things today. I do not like snakes. Riding up Corner Canyon on BST going north to CC road there was a rather big one of these. About 4 feet long. I thought it was a rattle snake when I first set eyes on the little monster. He was stretched across the trail sunning him self. I almost crashed trying to get out of my pedals. The evil looking bugger would not move either. I had to walk the bike off the trail to get away. Yuck. I do not like snakes. Then I go home and E is mowing the lawn and has just broken the lawn mower for the second time today and as I am walking down my stairs to the back yard there is another one of these little buggers at the bottom of the stairs. I almost stepped on him. Geez. I can go years with out seeing a snake and today 2 in one day. Susan and the kids think this is really cool. They would love nothing more than to hold one of these in my face and watch me squirm. Gotta love family. I looked this little guy up and he is a Bull Snake. I am hoping the one in the yard goes and visits the neighbors on a permanent basis.


Lucy said...

But snakes are our friends! Especially those bull snakes, since they eat pesky rodents and don't inject us with venom. Be kind, Blackdog. I am still trying to repent for the very bad karma I incurred when I instinctively butchered a bull snake in my flower bed 12 years ago. What if it was Gandhi reincarnated?

Blackdog said...

Susan gave me the same speech. She also said that they keep the more dangerous snakes away. The little guy is safe. I just hope he goes to the neighbors and stays.

Drew said...

Remind me not to ride with you. I hate snakes as well! Thanks for the comments on the man cave. Slowely but surely it is getting there. Like you though when the weather gets nice all of the projects around the house will stop and the bike will come out and play.
Those spikes you see on your HRM are due to high powerlines that you ride by. I get them every once in awhile when I am on the road bike. What type of monitor are you using? Some are more suseptible than others to this. Look forward to nice weather and seeing you soon. Looks like I will be at 5 Mile Pass and Stan Crane this year. See you on the trails soon.


Blackdog said...

It is a Garmin 305. Erich has the Garmin 205 and he has the same problem. He was showing 220+ several timies during the Cholla race. I think his is related to being so thin that the HRM does not fit very well or his jersey is so lose that it flaps against the HRM causing a false reading? I have also been told that dry climate and lose clothing cause some static electricity. It is weird stuff.

I am undecided on 5 mile pass. I may show up if Erich decides he wants to race. I will be at the Stan Crane race for sure. It is too close to home to miss and it is our training ride a couple of times per week. I look forward to seeing you and Lucy. I flaked out on 5 mile today. Too cold/wet and my shoulder is not doing well today. Bad weather and tile do not mix well.