Tuesday, April 28, 2009

262 Clarks

I rode Clark's today. I forgot how tough that climb can be. It took me 25 minutes and I stopped once and spun out a couple of times. Definitely not worthy of UtRider's Time Trial page. The bottom couple of turns are a bit rough but the rest of the trail is in very good shape. I on the other hand I am not in good shape nor do I have good technique. There is nothing worse than spinning out when you are climbing. I went down once an the other time I just missed the jewels. Anyhow the ride was fun even if I tipped over once and froze on the way home. The great thing about Clark's is that I can ride from my house and it is almost all dirt. I have never ridden Ghost Falls so Thursday I will probably climb up Clark's and go down Ghost Falls. Photo is from the bridge at the bottom of Clark's using my phone camera.

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