Monday, April 6, 2009

264. I am old but at least I am slow!

Over the weekend I entered my first race in 20 years. I forgot how much they hurt. Check out the heart rate. After being crushed by pretty much everyone Stupid Bike sees me suffering away for the last half mile. Tells me that there is someone in my class about 30 seconds behind me. The guy immediately catches me at the top of the last hill. After hearing about every 3rd word Bob said I set off to catch this guy. I got to him just before he pulled off the course by the Finish line. Heart Rate 183. Guess he was not in my class just pre riding? Then again he looked like he could have been. Clydesdale's are are not the toughest group to pick out of a line up. I had a good time. The course was fun and so was everyone at the race.

Sunday we went for a ride and I had nothing. I really mean nothing. Stupid Bike had to come back and look for me. He and Ken feared that I had taken a massive soil sample. Which has been known to happen. I took a turn headed the wrong way and and had to find my way back to the main trail. Thanks for checking on me I am just slow. I rode 14 miles Sunday. Boo made it 17 and the rest of the group probably rode 30.

If you noticed my weight on the Title I gained 11 lbs in 3 days. How is this even possible? I think I must be sick or something. Hopefully it will go away in a day or two. I did eat BBQ, several Bagels a few Cinnamon Bears covered in Chocolate. But 11 lbs? That is like 38500 calories not to mention the couple thousand that I burned off riding. If this continues I will need to change sports. Think Sumo.


Lucy said...

I think you are either just well hydrated or pregnant.

Way to go on your return to racing!

Blackdog said...

That is what I get for camping with Keating.