Sunday, April 26, 2009

260 A few photos from the basement.

As you can see I am getting closer to finishing the tile work. I am down to the last 3 rows. Susan wants it done yesterday so I will try to do a bit every couple of days. There is not much room to move so this will be slow going. The final row is small and will require measuring and cutting each tile to match the drywall. Alyssa wants to have a sleep over as part of her birthday party so I need to get it finished by June. I should be able to get it done. I am just a bit tired of working on the basement. It is so close I just need to buckle down and get er done.
This shows what was finished Yesterday.

Thise are where I started at the beginning of the day. I was able to put down about 55 square feet. Today my shoulder is a bit cooked and I am not going to do any more until it feels a bit better.


Rhonda said...

Doug it looks great! Is that slate. nice work

Blackdog said...

It is slate. I think it called autumn multi color. It has a bunch of different colors from greens yellows and some reds. It is cool looking stuff. I have definitely put down tile that was easier to install. I will probably pay Ryan to grout and help chip the tile so it is more level. It looks like I have a deadline of June. So I will probably have a few more updates in the next couple of weeks.