Saturday, April 11, 2009

259 So I am not pregnant.

My last entry I talked about how I had gained 11 lbs in 3 days. Lucy pointed out that I may be pregnant. Thanks. I am glad to say that I am not pregnant. What a relief. That would really suck. I think what happened is that I just went hard enough to hurt myself a bit and my body kept a bunch of water. I have been dropping about a pound a day since Wednesday. I was around 259 this morning and I have not been dieting. It may even be a bit less. After the race I rode for 2 hours Sunday then rode for 30 min on Monday then 45 min hard on Tuesday. I took Wednesday and Thursday off. Friday Erich and I rode for about an hour until it started to rain. The little snot enjoys the hell out of making me suffer. I rode as hard as I could to try to beat him to the gate on Clark's. He beat me by about 5 minutes and he left a couple of minutes after I took off from the house.

Corner canyon was wet but very ride able. There were a few muddy spots but they were easy to ride around. The bikes did get a bit muddy though. I may do a bit of trail work on the road. There is a small stream of water that is making a mess. 5 min of work should be able to divert the water back into the stream.

Tomorrow should be a longer ride as long as it stops raining. I want to ride into Alpine and come home over Suncrest. Lets hope it stops raining because if it does not stop raining I will be stuck in the basement laying tile. I have about 100 sq feet left and I really do not want to set any more. It has to get done but I would rather go for a ride and then find an excuse not to do it in the afternoon. If I do end up laying tile I will add some photo's. It is getting close.

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